Thursday, June 22, 2017

Best Hospital Mobile App Design

Best Hospital Mobile App Designs

General Hospital Mobile Apps Features List

  1. Searches for Doctor based on your location and hospital.
  2. Email inquiry to any hospitals.
  3. Search for doctor based on specialty.
  4. Book an appointment with consulting doctor.
  5. One-touch Call to the hospitals.
  6. Includes list of all branches of Hospital’s in India.
  7. Check your test report
  8. Doctor can check patient History
  9. Easily Payment Mode Option
  10. Push Notification
  11. patients seeking instant answers to their medical issues

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Time to get fit through Yoga app

Fitness is the key for having the successful life in the world. People are spending huge in order to be fit but fail with most the time. There are many resolutions that have been set up by people in order to get fit on many occasion but lack the spirit to continue the regime. What people need the most? Way to learn through some kind of unique or different style. There has been an innovation of some remarkable technology that has made the learning more fun. The name of the technology is mobile application technology. This technology has changed the way of learning as it has been effective in teaching the lesson to the children. Same formula applied in various fields that have been effective.
Yoga is the ancient exercise of India that has been in this world for ages. It is spread all over the globe in order to provide the benefit to as many as it can. There have been many gurus for teaching the yoga to the masses but still, could not reach as many as it should. In order to connect to the masses in enormous number, it has found the way to reach the number of people with one click away. Use of technology has been beneficial to yoga with the launch of various potential yoga applications on the app store. People are availing the benefit from the applications which one of the easy and fun ways to learn the exercise. There is five the most prominent yoga application as follows:

• Daily Yoga - Yoga Fitness App: This is one of the many and popular application for yoga. People around the world used this application in order to learn various kinds of exercises with the visual mode of learning.

• Down Dog: Great Yoga Anywhere: This is one of the interesting applications with an innovative learning feature that let its user not get bored during the utilization of this application. This has a special feature of background music in every exercise illustration through visuals.

• Yoga Studio app: This is one of the picture illustrated the application and has enough download across the globe. There has been a favorable review for this application.

• Pocket Yoga app: This is one of the handy applications on the app store. It also has enough download to make one of the countable applications in the yoga list. The specialty of this application is the images that set the tone for this application to its users. This is the application who like learn from the images.

• Yoga - Poses & Classes: This is one of the finest yoga applications which provide the feature list of various yoga classes. It has received an alright review that defines it as a cult application in term of yoga.

Rapidsoft Technologies is one of the leading mobile application companies in India. It is labeled as one of the premium mobile application company across the globe. This company has the experience in creating such kind of yoga application. This company invites the requirement for the yoga application from the clients across the globe in order to develop some unique kind of application which will be beneficial to the people.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Top Mobile App Development Companies in 2017

Striking the right chord in the mobile application development companies is an inevitable task. First thing comes in the mind of the people where to start looking for the suitable mobile application development company. Well, there is a lot of choices to choose from in order to select the right company for creating the mobile application. People are looking for the company that provides the service at an economical rate in developing the mobile application across the globe. This is one of the advanced technologies of this era that has provided excellent service in various sectors across the Globe.  In last two years, this technology has improved leaps and bound during this period. Various sectors across the globe is approaching to this technology and trying to invest in this technology in order to increase the revenue. To stick in today’s market; own a mobile application is an essential part of your organization. To develop this fine piece of technology, one needs a trained team.

One can think that this technology can be handled by freelancers. Let me tell you that it advised not to provide the projects to the freelancers as they are not fully accomplished & have inadequate resources. One needs a fully functional company to execute the ideas into effective results. With no hesitation, I recommend the prominent company of India: Rapidsoft Technologies. It is one of the leading mobile application companies of 2017. It is a well-established company in delivering premium software.  It has delivered more than 300 mobile applications to the client at a high level of satisfaction. Rapidsoft has won many accolades for its achievement. We are in the mobile development technology from the beginning of this technology. We have accumulated the trust of our clients in past years that have made our organization prestigious & always countable. Our organization has not only helped but also transformed many ideas in finished products. We are one of the first one to work on this technology. Read More on quora

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Secure Folder Application is here to rescue the data

The century of the technology has transformed the world into the age of information. Information has become the valuable asset for anyone which demands the security at any cost. There is an innovation of the technology that is remarkable and the necessity for the present world. People are utilizing the technology for their various purposes. There is a downside for these latest technologies as it is delicate in preserving the information secure. The security issues have been raised with every piece of technology came into the market. There is a special attention to the Android technology which has breached many securities issues across the world. Android technology is one of the major pieces of technology by Google that has paid off of enormously in them of money as well as popularity. Google has been facing the securities issues related to the unexpected malware keep hitting the million of the Android smartphones every year that stole the secure information from the users across the globe.  Many companies are finding themselves in the position of not being delivered the product at its full capabilities due to these securities threat. There have been many R&D on coming up with the solution for blocking the malware and securing the data of the users. Samsung has come up with the solution called Secure Folder Application.

Secure folder application one of the needed application at this time because people facing many security threat in the Android smart phones. What is Secure Folder application? The answer is as follows:
Keep the data of the users safe in separate folder
Folder has the feature of login, pin, password while accessing the folder
Data is encrypted in this folder
Provide the room for the sensitive information

This application is designed to provide the heavy security in keeping the information of the user safe. This application is available only on the Samsung devices as well as those devices have Android 7.0 above technology. This is starting from this company providing the security for the user’s information. Million of the people have been a victim of stolen information. Samsung is also trying to bring this application on a third party platform. This is a benevolent act by this company which will useful for millions of users across the globe.

Friday, June 2, 2017

What is the cost to develop an eCommerce Mobile App like Flipkart

Developing mobile application like Flipkart on Android is a very complex task. Flipkart is a dominating organization e-commerce sector in India. It is completing the giant like Amazon in India. Developing that company application is an inevitable task in the beginning. Flipkart did not develop this application in one night but there is a lot of research in many sectors. The application is a very friendly user with so much effort by the developing team in creating such an innovative application. People just view the application that leads them to start thinking of developing this kind of application at one go. People should start thinking about their creative ideas with help of this application. This Flipkart application is in the market for a while. Trying to create a new idea from the scratch with keeping the base of the idea according to Flipkart is the most challenging task. There is a number of features exists in the Flipkart application. The researcher team should study the list of a feature in the Flipkart application in detail in order to come up with your own idea. One does not need Flipkart application in the beginning, as the business growth that one can update the application accordingly. No one ever thinks that Flipkart application will be a hit in the market. So create the idea that can hit the market like the Flipkart not just copy paste the whole thing. The amendment should be done while creating your e-commerce application by taking the base of Flipkart application.

Selecting the right company is the most essential part of developing this application. India is the hub of outsourcing the IT software. The best company out of India is Rapidsoft Technologies. It delivers premium quality software to the client. It is a standout company from all the companies in this country. This company has developed one prominent e-commerce application named Shoppio. Here is the link for the application-