Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Best of the Tips to start Android App Development

Every idea is great but it needs support form experts. Your Android app development too needs technical support so that it can succeed in highly competitive market. As we know, Android is an open OS and it offers a lot of options when it comes to creating an app. Professional Android app development companies are aware of this fact and has recommended the approaches to attain the success.

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Gone are the days when app developers had no choice but to begin from scratch. But now Google has made the process quite simple by offering its own integrated development environment (IDE). It is a platform aiding developers to create the structure of an app, a folder that holds all files and information you need to build an app.

So, you will need Android Studio which is an absolutely free tool made available by Google. Upon launching, you will meet a welcoming screen that lets you do several actions. You can also see the previous projects. You would be interested in the right of the screen as it’s where you will see ‘Start a new Android Studio project’. It allows you to begin on creating basics of your app, either with pre-defined controls or with their available options. Read Full Article

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Friday, October 14, 2016

Understanding the mobile and web application development processes

The revolution brought in the world by the mobile and web application development is known us all. It is touching almost every aspect of our lives. Developers are eagerly finding novel ways to implement mobile and web technologies, along with improving the existing ones, such as scaling and optimizing legacy system-based IT infrastructure to be accessed via smartphones. So a lot of is happening in the mobile and web application development these days. Read Full Article

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

iOS Application Development For Business

No Doubt iOS powered iPhone and iPad are the greatest devices we have ever used. In spite of the fact that Android runs in more than 80 percent of smartphones and 60 percent of tablets over the world, iPhone and iPad have been the most reputed smart devices since 2008. Of course the marvellous features of these devices can be credited for their great popularity among people. These devices come with some matchless features, functionalities and productivity which automatically put them in the front row of the global smartphone market. In fact, they have their own market – the iOS market. Read Full Article

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Friday, October 7, 2016

Looking for the Best Mobile app Developers in India

Today the era of advance technology. Without the technology, it will put the people in the past century. There has been innovation in last 100 years but this period has witnessed the finest piece of technology that is advancement at extreme level. No one has ever thought that technology will come to at this point. You can’t say that this is the end of the advancement of the technology but there is lot more to come and lot more to witness by the people. Today’s business is dependent completely on the technology. Without the technology no work is almost inevitable to perform in business world. To survive in the market, one should be updated by recent technology. Companies are investing huge in order to grab the finest technology of recent period in order to survive in the market. Today’s latest technology is mobile application. It has started the revolution in ongoing market. This period remind the people of that revolution when website arrived in the market. Everyone was crazy to grab hand on that technology. Same is happening with the mobile technology that people are keen to have this technology under their belt & apply this technology in their daily living.

Well, it is challenge for the individual to hire adroit developer for developing perfect mobile application. Many companies are selecting India as the destination for developing this piece of technology. India has become outsourcing hub for this technology. Finding the right company with right set of developers is a challenging task. Well, I recommend Rapidsoft Technologies with no hesitation. It is in this business over a decade period. It has delivered more than 300 applications to the clients with high level of satisfaction. One can imagine that what kind of developing experience thus this company got. I can rest assured you that it has adroit & effective developing team that shape up the raw idea into extreme influential end products.

Work of the Rapidsoft speaks for itself, so one not has say anything about it. The team of developers is extremely qualified & have many achievements under their belt. The journey of this company has been good, effective & hard working. The working environment of the company is remarkable as I have witnessed. This environment has been created by the team of the developers as well as others. It has many accolades under their belt for the achievement being accomplished in the mobile technology. All these achievements have been possible because of this effective developing team. I will say no more but leave to you explore about this company.

You can see our work here Rapidsofttechnologies/Portfolio.

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Thursday, October 6, 2016

The checklist to make your mobile app development successful

Indeed, launching a mobile app is a big moment. In most of the cases, an app has all the potential to be used as a powerful marketing tool to survive in the competition by businesses. But as we know, app stores are flooding heavily with more than enough apps. It’s going to be a bit tough for any new app to carve its place successfully.

Leading mobile app development companies know that a business entering mobile world must do all its homework before launching an app project. Here is the checklist it should consider before beginning the mobile app development:

Define your objectives – The first thing to begin an app development is define all the objectives behind making it. Begin with setting short-term objectives. The well defined objectives will help you make sure that your app will fulfill your requirements. Apart from this, you have to do lots of other things like validating your ideas for its need in market and research on audience. Does your idea have sufficient number of audience so it can generate revenue for you? How many competitor-apps are there and can yours have better features than them? Once things look all positive, you can begin the development process.

Create Content – Developers are building the app but now what? This is the time when you should start creating content; from social posts to blogs, to newsletter, to press release. You should keep content ready before the launch. The content should be created around keywords. You can use keyword research tool to find suitable keywords and make sure your content is free from any sorts of plagiarisms and grammar errors. Read Full Article