Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Most Downloaded Healthcare App In 2017

Mobile technology is amazing. It’ impact can be noticed in almost every aspect of our life. One of them is healthcare. Yes, mobility and apps have great influence over healthcare industry all over the world. Nowadays, a lot of app startups are growing up around healthcare industry and of course, contributing to make the world a better place. Read More

Here are Top 5 Apps That Are Changing Healthcare 2018
Micromedex ($3)
  • pharmaceutical reference app
  • Proper drug dosage and medicine recommendations.
  • Available for Both Android and IOS
  • Easily keep track of medical advancements and news
  • Provides videos on medical procedures
  • Chat option Available
Available for Both Android and IOS
Red Cross First Aid
  • Red Cross’ official First Aid app
  • It also supplies you with a host of informative quizzes and safety tips regarding natural disasters such as hurricanes
  • MyChart allows you to access your medical records on your phone at any time.
  • You can quickly see which vaccinations you’ve had and when at a glance, along with the last time you visited the doctor and which prescriptions you’re taking
Doctor on Demand
  • If you’ve ever wanted a doctor in your pocket — a physician, pediatrician, or psychologist — Doctor on Demand is for you.
  • A standard 15-minute all will cost you $40 though, and you aren’t able to choose your doctor.
Digital Pharmacist
  • Digital Pharmacist set out to make this information more accessible by helping pharmacists go digital.
  • Digital Pharmacist makes it easier for pharmacists to communicate with their customers while making the prescription fill process for convenient for everyone.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

iOS App Development Trends will Rock in Year 2018

2017 has already been a great year for iOS. Apple brought in two new iPhone devices – iPhone 8 (Plus) and iPhone X – in the market. Also, the company provided major updates on iOS 11. Apple has been quite active throughout the year. With new trends affecting the entire iOS ecosystem, developers too are tuning them for their ongoing and upcoming iOS app development projects..Read More

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Top 5 On Demand Home Services Apps In India

The Demand of on-demand service app has been increasing day by day. On-demand home services apps allow you to bring in a trusted professional to clean or repair your home or laundry your clothes.

Here is the list of apps in India download the one as per your requirement.

1. SBricks is an online business that provides home services such as cleaning, laundry, repair and maintenance services.

Now Available -  Bangalore and Hyderabad
Offers quick booking and verified service industry professionals that are reliable and insured.

2. Doormint - Providing cleaning, laundry, plumbing, electrical and carpentry services.

Available in :  Mumbai and cities Delhi, Gurgaon and Bengaluru

A unique feature of Doormint is its service warranty, which promises that they will fix any mistakes or redo the service entirely if notified within a certain time frame. 

3. UrbanClap is highly unique in that it doesn’t only provide home cleaning or repair services.

Available:  Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore.

UrbanClap received funding from a variety of sources, most notably SnapDeal, SAIF Partners and Accel Partners. 

4. Fixy, another home services website and Android app, focuses mostly on home repairs and cleaning and is based in Mumbai. 

5. Mr. Right is an on-demand service provider that, much like UrbanClap, Mr. Right works on both a website and mobile app,

Available - Delhi-NCR. 

6. Timesaverz lays claim to being India’s first on-demand home services app, which is available for both iPhone and Android as well as on its own website.

Avalibale : Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Noida and Delhi

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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

How much will it cost to make a Mobile App like Big Basket?

There use to be huge market for grocery selling & buying. People come all the time to buy the fresh vegetables & grocery. It used to become crowded & buying become more challenging. People had craze of buying grocery from the shop as in order to view grocery physically. The custom of ordering the food through phone call to shops arrived in the market. People had many complain as it didn’t provide the adequate service with not fully satisfaction. People lost faith in this process as they were looking to avoid the hassle of going to the market in order to purchase the grocery with no quality compromised. Company emerged in the market who understood the criteria of the customer in the perspective of buying the grocery from home. Let me tell you one successful grocery company who has delivered the service to the customer at high level of satisfaction is BIG BASKET.

Owning the website like the big Basket is really expensive. To built one’s website one must understand the business & working fully. Big Basket did not established in a day as it did research of the customer over period of time. One must understand building the website is not only the job but to have the blueprint of the business is the most essential part of any business. Start from something small as one can climb the ladder one’s the business dominate the market. As there lot of small venture grocery seller who has the website & they are doing great. So start something from the small.
Choosing the perfect company for your website is an inevitable task.

With no hesitation I recommend Rapidsoft Technologies. It is well established company in delivering premium software. It has delivered more than 300 websites to the client at high level of satisfaction. Rapidsoft has won many accolades for its achievement. We are in the website development technology from the beginning of this technology. We have accumulated the trust of our clients in past years that have made our organization prestigious & always countable. Our organization has not only helped but also transformed many ideas in finished products.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Want return on investment: create Dating app

The world is full of joy and sorrow that comes from the companion. There are many novels written on love from years and still read as fresh. Love will not end but it always finds the new place what you call this adaptability. People are afraid to live alone that need someone to spend time with. Having someone special is feeling many people can’t express but enjoy the moment. People try to spend time in finding suitable for them. There is a lot of hassle in finding someone right for oneself that takes a lot of time.

Today’s generation is short on time which needs everything quick and on time avoiding any kind of hassle. Introduction of technology in this matter has been successful. Technology has benefited many people regarding this matter. Firstly there use to be a dating site that was a big hit. People were investing hugely in these sites to get a great return. Many people received a return from these sites with a positive response. The dating site is not small time but needs great planning, time and investment. As time has changed, the introduction of a mobile application to the world. People made dating applications which became a big hit. Now people need an only smartphone to find someone special.

Creating dating mobile application is beneficial to the businessmen in order to have a good return on investment. The impact of dating mobile application on the world as follows:

Developed countries like USA, UK and other countries in Europe are dependent on this dating.
There is increase in the demand for dating application across the world
Culture is inclining toward the dating process, as India is the recent example of this change.
Application like tinder dating application has earned millions
Young generation of today are inclined toward the dating mobile applications to find compatible someone
Revenue from advertisement is huge in these dating applications

Finding some special is very important for everyone. This mobile application technology has changed the way of finding someone special.  Looking at the success rate from the dating application, people are creating new innovative applications. Dating application is one of the future for the upcoming businesses.